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2016 was a big year for me. And I mean BIG. I’ve only been shooting surf for just 2 years and the lessons it taught me are worth a thousand lifetimes to me. Looking back at the images I photographed, I see not only the beauty and awesomeness I experienced but the stories of the people in it. I consider the people I photographed to be part of my life. I hope I become or am a part of theirs as well.

I’ve got lots to thank for making 2016 the 2016 it was. Most importantly, with all the people I met and friends I made, I just hope in some way I made y’all smile. Thank you!

These are mostly surf images simply because I’ve been driven crazy shooting surf mostly. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing that shooting just cloud 9 or surf has become an obsession if I may call it that. Whatever. If it is, I’d love to keep it that way. So here goes my obsession: